The Evolution of Anti-Semitism: Never Ending Bigotry From Antiquity to the Present [Allan Mohl]


In the 21st Century, Jews are the most admired ethnic group, but remain the most attacked group as well by extremists on both sides of the political divide.  This paper will explore the roots and the continuation of bigotry against Jews since antiquity to the present

Why have Jews become a convenient scapegoat, particularly during times of stress and political-social trauma. In this paper. I hope to give some answers to this troubling and persistent question.

Key Words: Greco-Roman culture, Jews, Us vs. Them, Emperor Constantine, crucifixion, blood-libel, the Catholic Church, genocide, the black plague, baptism, expulsion.

Short bio:

Allan S. Mohl, PhD, LCSW-R is a psychotherapist in private practice in Dobbs Ferry, NY. A graduate of Columbia University (PhD program) and NYU (Master’s in Sociology and Master’s in Social Service), Allan Mohl was teaching at Mercy College and worked in various organizations that provide services for families, parents, and children. Dr. Mohl is actively involved in advancing psychohistory by presenting at the IPhA Annual Conferences, as well as publishing in The Journal of Psychohistory.